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by Airship Isabella

The Comic Begins

The Story Begins

Welcome to the first edition of the Misadventures of Airship Isabella in comic form.

Cover page by Rebecca Harrison
Traditional media mixed with digital coloring and modification

Comic art by:
Andrea Izaquirre
David Orenday
Rebecca Harrison

Stories By:
Mike Abernathy
Rebecca Harrison
Andy Fox

This is edition 1 of our ongoing shorts. We will be publishing a new page twice a month, so hang out with us to see more like this. Each page is done by a different artist so keep an eye on that as well. These comics are basically little character stories about individuals and small groups of us in our day to day lives. These are little happenings that go between the big adventures we have and are a slice of the life on the Isabella.

Now, without further babbling I give you “Summer Punk” written by Rebecca Harrison and made visual by David Orenday.

It's Hot Up Here

For more information about the characters featured in this illustration click on their pictures!

Amelia Whittaker

Amelia Whittaker

Audra Lilienthal

Audra Lilienthal

Luthiem Hargreaves

Luthiem Hargreaves

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  1. Christopher LeBlanc August 1, 2014

    Haha nice!

  2. Jeanne August 1, 2014

    😀 Funny start. Looking forward to it.

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