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Have you heard about Aether?


As many of you know we have been promoting a movie project called Aether, and I just wanted to take a moment and share with you what makes this project so special in my eyes.

GFXteaserFrame 29 Films is the group of people responsible for making this project become a reality. They are a collection of movie making talent you would never expect to be gathered in one place (and frankly the amount of talent there is just frightening). What makes that so special is it’s not a big budget that has drawn them together; but rather, a unified goal of making something that people want to watch; making the risky choice and not just another remake; being what Hollywood refuses to be.

They are nerds and geeks just like everyone else, and they want to speak for the nerds and geeks out there who just don’t have their particular set of skills.

That being said I encourage you to check them out, listen to their vision and see if they speak as strongly to you as they do us.


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