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Airship Tradition: The Winging Ceremony

As of A-Kon Airship Isabella is proud to welcome Taliah as our newest full member. If you weren’t able to attend A-Kon and celebrate this with us; I, in fact, have a video of it to share with you.

In December, at Dickens on the Strand, we also welcomed Tank into our ranks. Dickens is the setting for many a wing ceremony, and here for you to share witness is Tank’s winging.

In a bit of house-cleaning updating, if you don’t follow our blog, you should totally do so… or click the “Blog” button above to be linked there. With our longest road trip yet concluded we have our Spring 2015 Update by Amelia Whittaker. The best part about this all is: we have moved from one kind of crazy to another. Stay tuned to our social media and follow what else we are getting ourselves into, ask us ridiculous questions, or just share funny cat videos to Zombies wall.

Oh yeah, and this and also this!

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