John Ocelot

Rank: Quina Medical Consultant
Bio: The truth behind John Ocelot remains unknown to most, but as most crew members born of Quina, a dark secret appears to be neatly tucked away in the peculiar Surgeon’s past. Ocelot typically carries himself as a very calm and collected man with a non-existent temper. Known for doing¬†anything¬†necessary to get a job done, he frequently resorts to twisted means in order to complete said tasks, and seemingly feels no regret for whatever it is he must do. Despite the dark nature lurking beneath this calm, professional exterior, John often proves to be an indispensable ally whenever the crew visits Quina, always for the right price, of course…
The real question at the end of the day, however, remains to be: “Who, truly, is Dr. John Ocelot?”¬†

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