Rank: Engineer for the Isabella
Bio: Simply put, Seamus is a walking calculator, capable of doing four function calculations in his head alone, as well as an ingenuous engineer from the Industrialized world known as Xion. With a very mechanical, industrial, and mind numbing upbringing, Seamus does not react as quickly as others in new situations. Not one who is quick to defend or quick to attack, he is instead one of a pleasant demeanor who is always quick to laugh and extremely passionate about reminding others how the simpler things in life are the most worth protecting. He is a passive soul, and often one of the few lights found within the darkened halls of the Isabella. The crew often finds the Engine room littered with formulas written in coal, to which Seamus claims he can understand better when deciphered with his eyes. According to Mr. Black, “There is a plain, English message in every math problem.”