Rank: Chief Scout of the Isabella
Bio: Jonas hails from the world of Hallow; born in Melbourne, Australia. Jonas Meriwether used to be an everyday kind of guy. A wife, two kids, and living the dream life. One day he blacked out completely, only to awaken three years later. To his horror something had been walking around in his body, and the only things he remembered about the incident came to him vaguely in night terrors. Jonas had trouble returning back to his life, so he thought leaving it behind was the best solution. To his misfortune when he left in a sailing ship, it crashed. He spent a year on an island filled with beasts, wild natives, and unspeakable horrors. All of the men he landed there with died over that year except for him. 

Amongst the beasts and terrors in the deep jungle of that Island, Jonas found an even more unspeakable horror, an answer to what had inhabited his body those three years he was absent. Jonas fled the island in a makeshift raft, and was then picked up by the Isabella and her crew. 

It took some time for him to fit in, but now Jonas is the chief scout for the Isabella. Using the skills he learned in that jungle, Jonas makes one hell of a scout for his crew.