Rank: Captain of the Isabella
Bio: Cedric Whittaker is a mercenary Captain who takes whatever jobs he can get, often turning a blind eye to the job’s legality, but never doing the wrong thing in terms of his own morality. He is a man of compassion (refusing jobs that would involve him in slavery, for instance), with a strong sense of nobility. He is, however known as something of an anti-hero (or perhaps more specifically, a partial moral relativist) and will kill those who threaten him. He is not above joking with his crew or picking bar fights, but he retains his honor in the face of adversity. What separates him from the typical hero is that Whittaker is the type of person who is willing to shoot first and skip the question; oftentimes not even bothering with a “fair fight”. He is not above petty theft but often rationalizes such behavior to make it appear more noble or valiant (such as stealing from Slavers). He is very protective of his crew and fiercely loyal to those he calls his own.