Rank: Medical Consultant
Bio: Dr. Vale was born to a prominent medical practitioner on a technologically advanced world known as Altera; designated UC#42 on the multiversal scale designed by the Alteran high council. He quickly showed abnormal levels of intelligence and became a prodigy; known across the planetary system which the Alterans had spread. As he aged he gained medical and science degrees in nearly every field available. The death of his mother and unborn sister at the hands of an unknown intruder in their home drove him away from his father and his home. Dr. Vale wandered for 5 years before the murder of his father brought him home. In the wake of his renewed grief the Doctor was driven from his home world and forced through a multiversal wormhole. He eventually encountered the crew of the Airship Isabella in his travels which would lead; unbeknownst to him, to the greatest adventures of his long life. Now residing both aboard the Isabella and in his time worn and sentient home known as Gautenvale Castle. He wanders the multiverse with a new family, causally hoping that one day he may find a way to contact his own home.