Cavalry Leather

by Airship Isabella

A New Year, A New Story

Kitty Livingston

“Perhaps it isn’t that people are so much tasty, as they are easy to catch…”Kitty Livingston began with a smile. “I mean, they’re always in trouble…finding food, needing sleep, dying when bullets hit them…I mean from the start people are just falling to pieces!” She was sitting across the table from the captain as she drained a rather large bag of it’s ruby colored contents.

Cedric Whittaker looked at her rather amused, “And pray tell what does that make me?” He set the large revolver he had been cleaning onto the wooden surface.

“No…You’re more like…well…” She bit her lip absently. “Well, you’re not people.”

“I’m not, huh?” he chuckled, “And I suppose being “not people” is enough to make you stay on this crazy ship?”

“Oh, well, there are plenty of reasons to stay on the ship, Cedric, not all of which are related to you.”

“Like what?”

“What is this twenty questions?!” She asked looking at the captain with an exasperated expression on her face.

Cedric motioned with his hands in the air, “Humor me.”

“Well, you’re hopeless…and always also in trouble…so you need me. I enjoy the travel and the variety of people I get to eat…I get to see all these amazing sights…” She trailed off a bit…

“Well, I suppose we do keep life lively.” He replied looking down at the second pistol in his hand.

“…And you’ve all sorta…become my family.”

* * * * * * * * * *

This new story is brought to you by Rebecca Harrison.

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