7 Tips On How To Find TRUE Local Singaporean Social Escorts

If you are looking for real Singapore-based escorts, then you are on the right article! I will share with 7 of the most powerful and effective tips to help you find a real Singaporean escort girl and have a great experience. If you want to know how to avoid fake photographs, profiles or perhaps even declined service, then this post is a must read.

1. Set yourself apart from the other potential clients

The first tip I have for you is to set yourself apart from the other potential clients. You have to keep in mind that in every business, there are pranksters and time wasters. This is especially so in the escort industry. Social escort agencies and independents are used to screening out non genuine clients very quickly. This is because they face lots of time wasters on a daily and regular basis!

To prevent yourself from being declined service or ignored, you have to learn to set yourself apart. How do you do that?

Most escorts in Singapore, and especially social escort agencies in Singapore have a full website on their own. Before you contact them, most escort agencies in Singapore list everything already on their website. Whether it be prices, photos or common questions you may ask, 99% of the details are already revealed publicly on the website.

Escort services do not come cheap at all in Singapore. In fact, it is sold at a premium and only the affluent and powerful are able to engage beautiful escorts. And the rich, such as yourself, are usually very well educated and do their own due diligence.

Would you buy something from a restaurant without looking at the menu even when the waitress places it right in front of you and explains everything to you? No. You read the menu. Same thing when it comes to ordering escorts. Only the uneducated and lower class people of society behave like that without reading nor doing due diligence.

Look through an escort agency’s website and do not ask any obviously answered questions on the website. That is a guaranteed red flag to the agency or escort and they will not hesitate to ignore you and lump you as one of the ‘time wasters’ due to no lack of customers.

2. Be prepared to verify your details if you want fast service

Escort agencies and independents need to sieve through tremendous amounts of leads going through their website or messaging them on their phones daily. If you want to be treated as a serious customer, especially as a first time client, contact them and be prepared to verify your details as soon as possible. How they verify you that you are a serious client depends on them. Every agency and girl is slightly different. But be prepared to provide verification details.

The good news is that Singapore agencies and independents are generally friendlier and respond way faster to you if you are an established and existing client.

3. If a ‘local’ girl reveals her full face photos, chances are, she is not local

If you want a true Singaporean social escort, chances are, she will never offer her face photos to you, a still unknown person online to her. This is because Singaporeans are some of the most culturally conservative people on planet Earth. Also, due to the small population in the entire country, it is easy for people to recognize and find out the identities easily. Due to this, SG girls do not reveal their face pictures, as escorting, while fully legal in Singapore in itself, may still be perceived as partially taboo in Singapore to outsiders.

What this means is that if you see full face photos revealed on websites, whether it be agency or independent sites or classified ad sites, chances are she is not a Singaporean. There are lots of girls from neighbouring countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines who claim to be Singaporean and charge a high premium for it when they are not local girls in reality.

To avoid getting scammed, avoid escorts who post their full face photos at all costs. True Singaporeans do not ever do that. It will still be partially censored. If you do not believe, you can try one ‘local’ escort on a classified ad site such as Locanto out for yourself, and see if you get scammed. Do not blame me if you do get scammed. You have been warned.

4. Want a real local Singaporean girl? Meet them via a local registered agency

If you want to meet a real Singaporean social escort, instead of one who is actually from one of the neighbouring countries, then you ideally want to go to agencies. Singaporean girls work at the local agencies. 99.9% of the SG girls work under an agency. If you see an independent, chances are very high, she is definitely not a Singaporean and is probably Filipino or something like that.

5. Be decisive

One of the ways that escort industry in Singapore operate is that they have little to no tolerance for ‘clients’ who cannot make up their mind. Escorts in Singapore charge a high premium, due to them being seen as more conservative and yet more beautiful and intelligent than escorts of other countries. This makes them highly desirable by many men throughout the world. However, the downside is the high prices. This means that only the rich in Singapore are able to engage social escort services. To get service, and meet the girl that you want, be decisive.

Since men who are wealthy are usually alpha males or are at least very decisive, you want to portray yourself in that manner. Whether you are truly rich or not is another issue. But if you want fast and responsive and good customer service, then be decisive in whatever interactions you have with the girl or the agency’s manager. This way, you can get a faster response out of the person you are contacting.

6. Book in advance and be willing to pay a deposit to lock in an advance appointment. Otherwise, book last minute and do not be choosy.

The girls in Singapore work slightly differently from that of girls in other cities around the world such as Las Vegas or perhaps London. The girls there work full time. However, girls in Singapore work only part time on flexible schedules as a social escort. They usually are full time students or hold a full time day job. Due to this nature, if you contact last minute, and if you contact an independent, chances are she will not be available. This also applies to agencies. The upside to contacting agencies though is that you have more choices.

You are strongly recommended to be fine with several different girls all of whom you are fine meeting from an agency’s photo gallery list if you are going to book last minute. This is because not every girl will be available if you book last minute. If you book in advance, some agencies and independents may require some kind of prior verification details from you.

7. Straighten out your own schedule before contacting – book and keep to that timing

Because Singapore has a high population density, and lots of business travelers entering and exiting the country on a hourly and daily basis, there is a whopping demand for escorts in Singapore.

Straighten out your own schedule before placing a booking for an escort. This is especially true if you are a first time client for that girl or that agency. There are people who get blocked for constantly changing their schedule and date timing.

In summary, only contact after you have more or less decided on all the details of the booking.

As you can tell, there are only several pitfalls you may want to take note of. Other than that, it is only about being a serious customer before contacting any agency or girl as they have a low to no tolerance levels for time wasters.

If you liked this post, make sure to bookmark it and save the URL somewhere so you can refer to it whenever you want to engage an escort in Singapore in future! This is especially useful if you are a foreigner and only in Singapore once in a while!

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