How Do Social Escorts Lead Their Life In Singapore?

Many social escorts exist in Singapore. However, they seem to lead pretty secretive lives on the surface. This is because Singapore has a very conservative culture, and even something perfectly normal as an escort is seem as a social taboo. As a result of this, escorts are a near invisible thing in Singapore, and nobody knows anything about how they lead their lives.

In the following video, we finally have a chance to look at one such social escort in Singapore who decided to reveal how she leads her normal life. In fact, what you will notice is that social escorts lead perfectly normal lifestyles. Many of them are Singaporean students, or adults working any normal 9-6pm office job. This is because only Singapore citizens and those foreigners who become permanent residents in Singapore can become one legally if they are also aged above 18. They simply do this as a sideline and keep their life private. After all, their job is similar to dating, and there is no need for normal relationship people to share their dating lives, so why will escorts need to share it?

However, for the busybody people in Singapore, just refer to the following video. Their lives are secret for a reason. Would you like someone to broadcast your entire dating lifestyle to the rest of the world? Probably not. So let us respect social escorts and their privacy, but in the meantime, enjoy the following video interview of a local, Singaporean female escort!

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